Caltha palustris (Marsh Marigold) - photos and description





General: Stout-stemmed plants with a bushy growth habit. Plants glabrous. Quite showy when in bloom, makes an attractive garden plant.

Flowers: Flat topped inflorescence of bright yellow flowers consisting of sepals with no petals, we measured a flower at 4 cm diameter.

Leaves: Leaves alternate, orbicular with cordate bases, serrate, basal leaves long stalked, the upper leaves sessile. Leaf highlighted above was measured at 12 cm diameter.

Height: We measured plants to 52 cm tall.

Habitat: Wet ground in the eastern parklands and boreal forest.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

When and where photographed: Photos taken June 4th, swampy woodland about 225 km east of Regina, SK, June 9th, June 16th, and June 20th swampy ground in moist woods, Duck Mountain Provincial Park, 300 km north east of our home in Regina, SK.