Chenopodium simplex (Maple-Leaved Goosefoot) - photos and description

Clump of several plants in above photo



General: Tall, erect annual with shiny, bright-green foliage. Stems angled, and plants glabrous.

Flowers: The flowers are small (about 2 mm diameter) glomerules growing in axillary and terminal panicles.

Leaves: Alternate, ovate to triangular, sinuate (wavy-margins) and truncate bases. We measured the largest leaf at 18 cm long by 17 cm wide.

Height: Height listed in Budd's Flora to 120 cm, we measured plants to 110 cm tall.

Habitat: Moist woodlands, disturbed ground.

Abundance: Listed as common, I've only seen it once.

Origin: Native.

Synonyms: Listed in some of the field guides we use as Chenopodium gigantospermum, and C. hybridum var. gigantospermum.

When and where photographed: Photographed on August 30th, back alley in the city of Regina, Saskatchewan.