Moehringia lateriflora (Blunt-Leaved Sandwort) - photos and description






General: Delicate, weak-stemmed woodland species.

Flowers:  Flowers usually solitary, white, flowers measured at 9 mm diameter, and petal at 5 mm long. Bracts blunt-tipped, ovate, bract measured at 2 mm long.

Leaves: Leaves elliptical, opposite, ciliate, pubescent below on midrib, leaf highlighted in photo above was 2 cm long by 7 mm wide.

Height: Height listed in Flora of Alberta to 20 cm, we measured plants to 20 cm tall.

Habitat: Moist woodlands.

Abundance: Common.

Origin: Native.

Synonym: Listed in some of the guides we use as Arenaria lateriflora.

When and where photographed: Photos taken June 22nd, moist aspen woods, about 70 km southeast of our home in Regina, SK.